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Wadehra Dental Clinic is known as one of the Finest Dental Clinics in Chandigarh for the calibre of their work and the atmosphere of the clinic.

They say

“Smile while you still have teeth.”

But at Wadehra Clinic, we ensure that you smile forever because your teeth are here to stay!

Wadehra Dental Clinic is a uniquely modern dental clinic in Chandigarh with a contemporary, sleek, and thoughtfully designed facility. They strive to make dentistry affordable, efficient, and painless by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, methods, and continual staff training. They provide thorough, quality, and individualized dental care along with the highest calibre of customer service because we understand that every patient is unique and has different needs.

Hi-Tech Dentistry

World-Class Equipment

Safety and Sterilization

Customer Support

Drs. Romika Wadehra and Ashok Wadehra started Wadehra Dental Clinic in 1994 to provide the best, yet economical dental services to the residents of Chandigarh and neighbouring areas. Their dental services include general dental care, cosmetic care, kid’s care, orthodontic care, and oral surgery care.

Their dedication to offering the highest level of sterility and the cleanest environment is what sets them apart. When you enter Wadehra Dental Clinic, you can be sure that you’ll find it to be the cleanest, most hygienic place you’ve ever been to. The relationship they have with their patients extends beyond just delivering medical care; rather, the follow-ups and post-treatment assistance they provide add to the patient’s overall satisfaction.

The kindest and most welcoming personnel will welcome you at the reception to cap it all off. The entire staff at Wadehra Dental Clinic works extremely hard to make sure that your experience of obtaining dental care is satisfying and worthwhile. After all, our reputation as a top dental clinic has been built on the backs of our happy patients.

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